What makes some people succeed and others fail? My 2 cents.

Lately, i’ve been thinking a lot about success and what makes a person a success or a failure. Obvious one – is giving up too easily, but i think giving up is also essential part of becoming successful. If you don’t know when to give up, and happen to be involved in a project that is destined to fail, you’ll constantly be trying to make it successful. It will be an uphill battle which can never be won. And this is what a lot of motivational books don’t get – their advice is not meant to be taken literally, because every case is different, and something that might work for everyone else, might not work out well for you. This is why you have to learn how to think and make decisions for yourself. You HAVE to because there is no other way – you can’t cheat or outsmart the system.

 I’ve been blindly following advice of others myself – and just managed to realize how wrong that is. I don’t want to brag, but i’ve gotten a lot further ahead in life following my own advice and instincts. But now that i’m retired, i want to share it all with people who are the same position as i once was.

 Right now, i live in suburbs of a major midwest city, happily married with grown up kids. And couldn’t be happier. But  you have to realize that you can’t achieve happiness without working your butt off in your youth. And doing it in a smart fashion. There are plenty of people i know who’ve done nothing more than worked hard in their lifetimes, but are still broke now. I’m not saying that to look down on them, nor do i feel superior for being in this position, i’m just making an observation. Right now, my hobbies include collecting power tools – everything from saws to augers. And i don’t just collect them – i like using them, building things out of nothing.