What do non-smokers have against smokers? My quick analysis

I’ve heard this question so many times, that i want to express my opinion about it once and for all. I’ll start with giving a little information about myself – I’m student, in my twenties, and do not smoke. I say this because there are so many problems related with smoking and dorm rooms. It feels kind of bad to be the guy who makes his rommmates or friends go outside to to smoke, but inhaling second hand smoke is worse. And honestly, i can count on one hand the number of my friends who smoke, and still, it’s irritating as hell. Even when they don’t smoke, they carry around this terrible smell with them. I guess you have to really like someone to tolerate the smell, especially if you hate it as much as i do. Now, why do i hate it so much, you might ask? Because of my parents. Both of them were smokers, and i had to endure smokers for my whole life. In cars, in living room, in bedrooms. And as a kid, it’s really hard to voice your opinion without sounding like a brat, so i stayed quiet. I wish i had known that it’s much better to sound like a brat than damage your health and form an eternal hatred for a smell that is very common.

Although i learned to judge people less. One of my best friends is a smoker and from what he’s telling me, now i can understand how addictive the substance might be and not judge people for not giving it up. And i realized that most smokers don’t know their smell is bothering you until you tell them. Have you ever had that moment, when you can’t smell disturbing smells in your room, because you’ve gotten used to it? That’s kind of what happens to smokers. Once you smoke for a month or so, you lose sense of disturbing smell and it all seems fine to you, while others are suffering from it.

 I decided to write this to give both – smokers and non-smokers some insight about the problem. Neither of us are really to blame, but understanding and not judging is essential to live healthy life free of misconceptions about other people. Some of us love to hate smokers and even refuse to date them, but they aren’t the bad guys here, the terrible substance is. Honestly, writing post like these and spreading the word is the best solution to this problem that i can think of.

Smokers, instead of smoking, i’d advise for picking up another hobby that can distract and entertain you when you’re in process of giving up. Getting some tools and starting to build something for your home is what helped one of my friends, and it might help you too. So get started with best compact circular saw and see what happens.

My review of 4th Season of Arrested Development

I was so excited to hear that season 4 of arrested development was funded by Netflix to be made. It was announced in 2011, but getting everyone from cast together took a long time, and still couldn’t be done properly, so green screens had to be used to make them appear together. It makes sense, 6 years had passed after season three was over, and everyone had moved on. Will Arnett and Jason Bateman became huge movie stars, Portia de Rossi had gotten married, i also saw the guy playing buster appearing in Veep along Julia-Louis Dreyfus, who by the way, also played the lying lawyer Maggie in season one. Kid actors, playing George Michael and Maybe were all grown up but still had to play kids, and not all writers were on board, but despite all these difficulties, season 4 was satisficatory, even at high standards that fans had set for fantastic show like Arrested Development.

 I wasn’t in love with how Michael’s storyline got developed, him being miserable failure trying to get back on top. George sr. and Oscar’s episodes were okay, but a little far stretched and got boring at the end. Gob’s was my favorite – it was so Gob. Seeing Judy Greer as kitty was very surprisingly pleasant too.

 Overall, i think Season four wasn’t as good as season first and two, but at about the same level as season three. On the other hand, we waited for this for so long, that even subpar writing would appear funny. Although that wasn’t the case – writers did very good job for Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, it must’ve been so successful for them – research has shown that the most effective way to gain subscribers for services like Netflix are making original shows. And considering the cult following Arrested Development had, they must’ve been flooded by subscribers. Plus, it was only one season, so it was low risk investment for Netflix who was just getting into making their own shows. Overall, i think they did pretty good job, but i expect season 5 to be better. They promised that it would be structured like regular season, not as episodes focused on each character like season four was. A lot of fans weren’t into that and neither was i.

 Even though according to reviews, most fans seemed to either loved it or hated it, i was somewhere in the middle. It was funny, especially considering the difficulties, but it had large room for improvement.

What makes some people succeed and others fail? My 2 cents.

Lately, i’ve been thinking a lot about success and what makes a person a success or a failure. Obvious one – is giving up too easily, but i think giving up is also essential part of becoming successful. If you don’t know when to give up, and happen to be involved in a project that is destined to fail, you’ll constantly be trying to make it successful. It will be an uphill battle which can never be won. And this is what a lot of motivational books don’t get – their advice is not meant to be taken literally, because every case is different, and something that might work for everyone else, might not work out well for you. This is why you have to learn how to think and make decisions for yourself. You HAVE to because there is no other way – you can’t cheat or outsmart the system.

 I’ve been blindly following advice of others myself – and just managed to realize how wrong that is. I don’t want to brag, but i’ve gotten a lot further ahead in life following my own advice and instincts. But now that i’m retired, i want to share it all with people who are the same position as i once was.

 Right now, i live in suburbs of a major midwest city, happily married with grown up kids. And couldn’t be happier. But  you have to realize that you can’t achieve happiness without working your butt off in your youth. And doing it in a smart fashion. There are plenty of people i know who’ve done nothing more than worked hard in their lifetimes, but are still broke now. I’m not saying that to look down on them, nor do i feel superior for being in this position, i’m just making an observation. Right now, my hobbies include collecting power tools – everything from saws to augers. And i don’t just collect them – i like using them, building things out of nothing.

How to make strawberry cake – Easy recipe

I first fell in love with cherry cake for a youngster, if I had no shield against the charisma of the fluffy pink layers posed with the Pillsbury Doughboy. It did not disturb my 12-year-old self that the cherry cake consistently originated out of the box; this was the source of most cake within my own world. However, the longer that I spent carbonated, the greater joy I took for making things from scratch, the gradually transitioned out of mixes to recipes through recent years.
Yet even with culinary institution, the cherry cake of my youth disturbs me. Utilizing good fresh fruit, my very best efforts consistently proved longer like noodles compared to cake, and also the worst were horrifically black and dense. In any event, the cakes that I produced were always a helpless maroon, not pretty in pink.
These issues are the reason why most recipes to get “homemade” strawberry cake telephone to get a box of strawberry jell o, because its industrial formula is uniquely worthy of mimicking that evasive strawberry taste and colour. But I am not someone to drift away from the struggle, and that I couldn’t give up the thought that someone can earn a soft and light strawberry cake completely out of scratch.
This has been a on-again, off-again job of mine for decades, however with all the struggle of writing a cook book supporting me, that I finally had the opportunity to buckle down and defeat it once and for everybody.
Finally, my failures forced me to improve the 1 factor that’d never shifted: berries.
Simply swapping them to get a equivalent amount of blackberries (at the kind of purée) left that the cake a quick victory–tender, moist, fluffy, and more energetic in every manner.
This supposed my inherent formula was solid. I have done the complete writeup on such cakealready, but in summary: Puréed fruit supplies the cake that has a fantastic mixture of drinking water, acidity, colour, and flavor. Plain egg-whites help with grow and structure, while keeping the coloring and flavor pristine. Bleached cake bread binds up all of the fluids to guarantee a fluffy crumb. Baking-soda protects the fruit normal shade, while fueling the cake leading increase.
What exactly was it that made blackberries therefore uniquely appropriate to success? Their identifying snack, malic acid. My experiments using strawberry curry greatly overestimated just how much acidity the rotten berries donated into the batter, which supposed that a great section of the baking soda has been abandoned un-reacted. This prevented the cake out of rising because it needs to, while excess alkalinity gave it a very muted colour and flavor taste. By changing into sour blackberries, I raised the total acid, bringing the formula to balance.
To accomplish the same success within my vanilla cake, then I had to correct the pH by either dialing back the baking-soda or amping up the acidity. The prior has been the easiest alternative, but where is the pleasure in that? Together with the latter, I watched the chance to sour up things using more berries alternatively.
Since the good results of the blackberry cake demonstrated that the recipe had exactly the ideal quantity of fresh fruit purée for hydration, ” I knew adding fresh tomatoes could be outside of this question. So I contacted for freezedried strawberries as an alternative. Because they truly are crisp and tender, the freezedried berries may be milled to a fine powder using an cake flour for even supply.
The sweetspot was be two and a quarter oz, which provides batter enough additional acid to respond with the pop up to get a super-fluffy crumb and vivid colour, in addition to an remarkable boost to your flavor.