My review of 4th Season of Arrested Development

I was so excited to hear that season 4 of arrested development was funded by Netflix to be made. It was announced in 2011, but getting everyone from cast together took a long time, and still couldn’t be done properly, so green screens had to be used to make them appear together. It makes sense, 6 years had passed after season three was over, and everyone had moved on. Will Arnett and Jason Bateman became huge movie stars, Portia de Rossi had gotten married, i also saw the guy playing buster appearing in Veep along Julia-Louis Dreyfus, who by the way, also played the lying lawyer Maggie in season one. Kid actors, playing George Michael and Maybe were all grown up but still had to play kids, and not all writers were on board, but despite all these difficulties, season 4 was satisficatory, even at high standards that fans had set for fantastic show like Arrested Development.

 I wasn’t in love with how Michael’s storyline got developed, him being miserable failure trying to get back on top. George sr. and Oscar’s episodes were okay, but a little far stretched and got boring at the end. Gob’s was my favorite – it was so Gob. Seeing Judy Greer as kitty was very surprisingly pleasant too.

 Overall, i think Season four wasn’t as good as season first and two, but at about the same level as season three. On the other hand, we waited for this for so long, that even subpar writing would appear funny. Although that wasn’t the case – writers did very good job for Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, it must’ve been so successful for them – research has shown that the most effective way to gain subscribers for services like Netflix are making original shows. And considering the cult following Arrested Development had, they must’ve been flooded by subscribers. Plus, it was only one season, so it was low risk investment for Netflix who was just getting into making their own shows. Overall, i think they did pretty good job, but i expect season 5 to be better. They promised that it would be structured like regular season, not as episodes focused on each character like season four was. A lot of fans weren’t into that and neither was i.

 Even though according to reviews, most fans seemed to either loved it or hated it, i was somewhere in the middle. It was funny, especially considering the difficulties, but it had large room for improvement.

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